How to study

How to study online?

As a distance student, you can study when and where you'd like. This means freedom, but also demands discipline in order to succeed at your studies.

There are as many reasons to choose distance studies as there are distance courses to choose from. The most common reasons students choose distance studies are the following:

  • they have a family and children.
  • they want to combine work and studies.
  • they've been working a few years and want to build on their previous education, or finish a programme.
  • they want to take an extra course not offered at their campus.

Distance studies are more flexible and less regimented (strict) than other studies. This means a lot of freedom to study when and how you'd like; at the same time, this type of freedom can be demanding. Remember that full-time studies mean that you should study approximately 40 hours each week. You have the responsibility to use all this time in the best possible way.