Founders speech

The fact that it is possible to obtain elementary or secondary education in a distance was something innovative, non-traditional and unusual 9 years ago. Till then distance education was proposed only in colleges and universities.

The school year 2009. /2010. was the first when the distance secondary education accompanied by skepticism and disbelief from the day and evening schools’ principals’ position was officially allowed in Latvia.

Program for elementary education ( grade) was offered in the school year 2010. / 2011. The target audience of our secondary school is any person, who has discontinued his/her studies and would like to resume them, obtaining the elementary or general secondary education.

Riga Distance Education Secondary School is a private educational establishment. It is established on the basis of my experience I obtained, while working more than 5 years at Distance learning College of Business as a teacher, also working as a lecturer in England and Ireland. It helped to popularize the advantages of getting higher education and the future profession in a distance learning. Then the first long distance secondary school in Latvia - Riga Distance Education Secondary School was established as a response to the suggestion of my students who relatives were working in Ireland. Now the school is celebrating its 9th anniversary on 6th March and is pleased to announce that it has become the biggest and the friendliest secondary school in Latvia with the greatest amount of graduates in the country. When the first distance secondary school was founded all the people who started studies in our school were called students in order to respect their life experience and age (the first students were 25 – 27 years olds).

In order to establish the first long distance secondary school in Latvia the experience of neighbouring countries concerning the distance education was also studied and the co-operation agreement was signed with Oza Secondary School in Vilnius where by means of the financial support of the European Union since 2006 had been developed the program of distance education for students from grade 7 till grade 12. 

Particular co-operation and interest about the educational opportunities offered to people from Latvia, who now live in Ireland, had been shown by the Latvian ambassadors in Ireland and England. They support the educational advantages offered by Riga Distance Education Secondary School.

Now I am grateful to my fate for the given opportunity to introduce this innovation into the education system, for the possibility to lay the foundation and to be the first to offer the elementary or the secondary long distance education. I am pleased that my experience  and the invested work has resulted in a widespread availability of long-distance programs and other new distance schools based on my methodological approach piloted during last 14 years.

Our values are susceptibility, knowledge, success and freedom!
If you consider at least two of them to be important then the education programs offered by us will certainly play a significant role in the development of your personality and future.